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When the audience realizes that the character can engage in real-time conversation, a special kind of magic happens.

Your audience stops and listens and your message comes across loud and clear.

We’ve created hundreds of AniMates for use by the largest companies worldwide and their appeal at an event is universal.
An AniMate is a live, computer-generated character that interacts with an audience in real-time.

If you’ve ever seen Frozen, Wall-E or Up, you understand what a “computer-generated” character looks like. AniMates are different from the movies, however, because they engage in live, impromptu conversations with presenters and audience.
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AniMates are more than pretty faces.
They support the company's message throughout the event. They add interest, humor, reinforcement and focus to a message.
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  • Act as emcee to create seamless transitions between speakers
  • Interact with presenters and audience to reinforce main points, and transition between topics
  • Resolve concerns by asking the questions on the minds on the audience
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Trade Shows
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  • Create a one-of-kind attraction
  • Interact with out-front presenter and engage an audience for an extended period of time.
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Public Relations
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  • Serve as a spokes-character at press conferences, satellite media tours,and consumer marketing events.
Video Production
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  • Our AniMate technology allows us to economically produce a large amount of animation for websites, training, marketing and entertainment
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"The character (D.B. Credit) was very well received scoring 10.23 out of 10 because some clients thought D.B. deserved a score higher that a 10 with ratings of 11, 15, and even 20!."

- Communication Manager, CGI

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"Coach Honeywell had the audience charged up and ready to take action. He was fun, funny and got the message across."

- Division President, Honeywell

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"Our audience loved the eagle. He provided humor and kept them engaged. He’s our new mascot!"

- President, Kforce

Types of AniMates

Audience Advocates...
can help resolve concerns by expressing the thoughts and questions that are on the minds of the attendees.
embody the spirit, and often, the brand of the company. They create a bond among the audience and can have a life well after the event in the form of video and print.
Motivators ...
act as coaches, cheerleaders and mentors.
Promotional Characters...
can become the voice of a company to a larger audience.
Inanimate Objects
We can put a face on practically anything and have it interact live.
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