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Clearly, what happens on stage is important.

But the focus of any event should be on what happens in the minds of your audience.
Do they understand your content? Will they remember your message? Do they buy into your point-of-view?

And, last but not least, what actions will they take when they leave the event?

At Live Spark, we take the latest research on how people learn and are persuaded and apply it to the world of event design.
As a result, the events we design tend to look different than most others. They're more interactive, focused and engaging. They are experiences your audience enjoys, not endures.

And in the end, your attendees leave with the key take-aways that result in an improved ROI in the workplace and marketplace.
We start by asking the right questions.
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How can we make the message more persuasive?
Is there a predominant thinking style within the audience?
How do we keep the audience thoroughly engaged and in a peak state?
What are the critical outcomes?
How do we align each component to achieve the outcomes?
How do we create an intimate learning experience in a large group setting?

What clients are saying

"Live Spark’s approach to an event is nothing I had ever seen or witnessed before. They are incredible thought leaders, creative minds and “execution” masters when it comes to making an event one you’ll never forget! They will work to understand the overall messaging, themes, obstacles and create a program that will be second to none."

SVP Sales, PulteHomes

"The bonus that I had not expected was how much fun it was for me. I expected you to deliver a high excitement meeting and create energy, but I had not counted on it being so much fun personally."

Global General Manager, Genie

"The response has been overwhelming. In the weeks following the event I've gotten emails, calls and personal messages saying it was - by far - the best meeting we've ever had."

VP Sales, Centex

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